Okay, I know all of you that have opened your shop know what this is all about.
I can tell you, I would not trade this for a $$$$$$$.$$ $lotteie(y) ticket! Dine-O-mite Pizza & Eatery opened on April 30th

All I can say to make a long story short…not calzone…WOW—ZONE!

What is up with posting the word “lott-ery” it’s not a 4 ltr word and will not let me post it.

Congrats on your opening. It is quite a rush to see all the hard work finally mean something. I hope you keep the high going for years to come.

congrats on your opening ! Great job !

I’d take the lott.ery ticket. :lol:

In humble honor to your glorious launch, and our absent friend, I give you . . . .

[size=7]You Da Man[/size]

Hope you kick a$$ for a long time to come.


Short and Sweet…Thanks for the support from all of you :slight_smile: I would love to have the time to post stories of the 1st week to ya…but, I’m lucky that I can jump on here just to say thanks!


Fantastic! : ) Make sure you get your sleep! I lost this board for almost seven months after I first opened. Take the time; it is so valuable.


I can’t thank all of you enough…I don’t have much time to write, but, I do make it a point to read the fourm everynight, unitl I can no longer. I finally got gave up tonight and came home at a semi-decent hour and left my husband there. Now, I can;t sleep cause I’m waiting for him to get home.

No matter what happens…what an experience, and MANY MANY THANKS 4 ALL YOUR SUPPORT

Holly Cannoli…WOW-ZONE

This says it all “If I can not learn something from everyone I meet, I am not paying attention.” Thanks Daddio:)