Is it my place but 1 of the busiest days is b4 Thanxgiving, one of the other pizza places are closing 4 2 weeks… I think thats great 4 me but wat does that mean 4 him? How should I go about this ? Doorhang the hell out of his area or what?

be ready… the day before thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year… nobody wants to cook cuz they all getting ready for thurs… good luck… and I don’t think u even gonna need to doorhang I think u r going to have plenty of biz that day…

Amazing… the day before Thanksgiving is a little better than average for a Wed but that is it for us.

Is that weird for him to close ???

who cares…
maybe he is getting married
maybe his rich uncle kicked the bucket

just worry about winning over some new customers

all too often I think people worry about the competition…focus on making your operation the best it could be and everything will fall into place

I would not do any extra promo and have it blow up in your face

When opportunity knocks, you have to open the door, but be ready for what comes in. Plan on being busier, as it is anyway the day before Thanksgiving. Any of his customers that try you out while he is closed won’t come back if you aren’t on top of your game.

Maybe offer a special deal to those new customers, like honor his coupons plus an extra buck off during those two weeks.
Then reap the rewards long after he opens back up.