WOW2 Oven Installed

G’day All,

We just got our WOW2 PS363G w/Hearth Bake belt installed this morning - I only had a chance to pull a couple pizzas through it but man I’m impressed! 4:30 cook time and the pizzas come out looking and tasting like a 7 minute bake!

I’ll get some pictures up and a bit more information on it when I get a chance.


What type of pizza are cooking on that? I’m assuming thin crust. I have some wow’s coming in for our new store this fall.

Not overly thin. 330g dough ball rolled to a 13" pan not sure about the sauce quantity and cheese is 140/150g. PM your email and I can flick you some pictures - they are to large to upload here. What model are you getting?

Which ones David?

I am flopping back and forth with MM670’s and XLT3820’s and then also wanting to see if the Edge60WB’s come out in August. My oven guy says to stay away from MM’s unless I really enjoy his visits. He says if I install the XLT’s he will never see me again and says if Edge’s are dramatically cheaper than XLT to go for it.

I wish there was a right answer this but there isn’t. I have MM ps555 2002 models and they bake a great pie, but yes, repair bills galore. I actually have one the repairs guys cell phone number because we spend so much time together. The XLT’s are 2007 models and to this date I have called out a repair guy for any of the 4 ovens. They also bake a great pie but at a slightly longer bake time ( 6:30). The only issue we have had with the XLT is the sandwich door has come loose, fallen out and broken a couple of times. But it was less than $100 to replace it. My only complaint about the XLT’s is that they are a bit hot and blowy. They tend to heat up the store. Maybe in Colorado that’s a good thing.

We went with the WOW ovens for our up and coming store for 2 reasons.

  1. Tight space, I needed a 40 chamber
  2. Faster bake time. We have a lot of lunch foot traffic at this location, so we are going to have to get pies out quick.

We are rolling the dice on the repair aspect of them


We don’t have edge in Aus just mm, xlt and lincoln.

Crust pizza and a bulk of the other large chains use the ps670’s and I was told pizza hit are getting custom made 840’s. Lincoln’s are pretty much exclusive to independents and there are very very few XLTs around.

One thing I’ve found with fast bake is the dough could probably be a slightly higher hydration.

any updates supachicken?I would love if they came buy and demonstrate these ovens for me. its very hard to get a hold of our local rep and once I did,they asked us to bring our dough and ingredients and go to them :frowning: .this was about a year and a half or 2 ago.

Day 3 after the oven was installed - a Friday night, it died! Had a service call on it the next week. They changed blower speeds and a few other bits and pieces, time will tell!

what are the pros and cons of this oven??besides costing a lot of money and breaking 3 days later lol.did you have to close up shop?

I bought it primarily for the hearth bake belt, it looks and taste like a pizza cooked on a stone deck I’ll give them that!


It is damn expensive - around $30KAUD installed
24" belt means you can only fit one 13" through at a time
It has proven itself to be unreliable thus far but we will see how we go

I’ll post a report on the gas usage next month and see how it stacked up the the PS540 I had in the shop.

To make use of the stone belt we are cooking the skins for 1.15 then topping the pizzas and cooking them with toppings for 3:16 this should mean that we are turning out pizzas extremely fast in the rush period and we can have all our skins ready to go for the night with no need to stretch in the evenings. I’ll give you some more pictures and comments as I have them.


Ok thanks. I want one of these ovens.seems like a hassle running tbe pizzas thru twice. …

I have edge 60s. Really want a wb edge