Wrapping Take and Bake Pizzas

We are looking for a better way to wrap our take and bake pizzas. We use the clear plastic we get from our food service provider but it is very cumbersome. Do any of you have experience with wrapping take and bake and what works well?


restaurant depot sells the bags we slide them in and staple the bags

When I was in the biz, we started with a pizza capper and peferoated shrink film…

We graduated to a shrink arm system, as we began packaging in bulk (5)…

If I were to do it again, I’d put the shell/dough on a squared piece of parchment paper, then on a traditional pizza circle, he in a traditional pizza box, to better compete with a baked pizza and the easier convenience or he customer to bake…

I believe baking on parchment paper results in a better product, vrs. a tray bake…‘jes sayin’

In my mind, staples don’t belong anywhere near food. They’re too small and can easily be missed by the customer and ingested. Why not seal the bags with a sticker instead?

Thanks for the responses. We are using the 18" food wrap film that Sysco sells. It’s a pain and we have to wrap the pizzas two times to get the pizza covered properly. It’s cumbersome but we’re making it work.