Anyone doing wraps? I am thinking of offering them, but not quite sure how they are made. I tried making one, but don’t think I did it right. If you are making them, can you share instructions/recipes?


Wraps are fantastic sellers. We used LARGE Lavash we got daily from our bakery with our rolls, bread, etc. Our menu stated we would wrap anything available in the shop but did have a selection as follows:

Turkey Club R/U - let, tom, mayo, bacon, honey/maple turkey.
Chicken Club R/U - let, tom, Ken’s Ranch, bacon, 3 charred tenders cut in half.
Chicken Caeser R/U - romaine, tom, Ken’s Tableside Ceaser, 3 charred tenders cut in half.
Italian R/U - let, tom, on, mayo, mort, cap (hot), prov, salami

People will change out mayo, tom, must, etc. It’s just a base.

Don’t over mayo your lavash, lightly go around, layer your meats and veggies and ensure everything is on the bottom of the wrap, centered. Fold sides in and roll up the bottom capturing the sides inside the bottom as you roll up. Cut at an angle.

There’s several methods to rolling. I chose this because we had such a busy delivery base and they stayed nicely together. Also, the angle and the way the wrap was layered on the plate was great for dining appearance.

Chicken Salad, Tuna, Egg Salad, Roast Beef (any coldcut) steak tips, cheese burgers, omlets, salads…you got it, you can wrap it.

Try contacting Steve Frankl sfrankl@tumaros.com at Tumaro’s Gourmet Tortillas http://www.tumaros.com/ they can not only provide you with the best (in my opinion) tortillas but they can break down how to make whatever kinds of wraps you want…

So what do you charge for them?

How do you heat up the tortilla to make it soft and foldable? I tried once to do wraps in the store, and they didn’t want to roll, they were fairly brittle. I’m sure a shot of steam would have helped them, but I don’t have a steamer here to do that. I’m looking to maybe add wraps in the spring, so I’m doing my homework now.

I know what you mean. We don’t heat all of ours up, it depends on what kind you are making. To heat them up we stick in the outcoming end of our conveyor oven (right on the chain) for about 5-7 seconds and that does the trick.

As for pricing of our wraps, see www.freschottpizza.com and go to subs and wraps section of the menu.

We throw every tortilla on the charbroiler for a few seconds each side which makes a huge difference. We get around $6.50 for most our wraps which are grilled to order mostly comprising of grilled chicken varieties. We marinade and prepare everything from scratch and serve with a side of chips or fries for another buck

Have become a huge seller

That softens them up enough to fold Perry?

We have made wraps any number of times with pretty good success. You can use a standard pizza dough formula, or the old standard, 1% formula (100% flour, 1% salt, 1% fresh yeast, 1% oil, 1% sugar, and 50% water.
After mixing, cut the dough into 10-ounce pieces for a 12-inch wrap, form the cut dough pieces into balls and set aside to proof/ferment for about 2 to 2.5 hours, then roll out to size. Place rolled dough pieces onto sheet pans with a floured piece of cotton cloth in it. Allow the rolled dough to proof this way for 20-minutes, then turn over and allow to proof to finish proofing for another 15 to 20 minutes. Bake as hot as possible (these things are correctly baked at 750 to 800F for about 30 to 40-seconds). The dough will pocket like a pita, so the conveyor type ovens are not high on my list of favorite ovens for making these. With your deck oven you should allow the dough to bake until it forms a fully pocketed pita, then remove it from the oven and invert it back into the oven, this will allow both sides to get some bake. You will need to experiment with the baking time (it will be quite fast as compared to a pizza) keeping in mind that you will place the baked wraps on a wire rack or screen to cool, and package them in plastic bags while they are still quite warm, but NOT hot to finish cooling. If the wrap is brittle or cracks when folded/rolled, the baking time is too long, if the wrap is doughy, the baking time will need to be extended slightly.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

6 to 10 seconds on the deck of my 575F oven is more than enough to soften the tortillas and make really floppy.

yup…anymore and you get some super-charred grill marks

We use 12" tortillas. We have beef or chicken wraps. we first heat the beef or chicken in the oven in a 8" pizza pan. While that is cooking (about3 min) we spread some dill ranch dip(homemade) on the tortilla then put on lettuce tomatos olives and mozza by then the chicken or beef is cooked and we put it on the tortilla fold in the sides and roll it up they sell for 7.29. We dont have to warm up our tortillas as they are nice and soft. We get them in frozen and defrost them in the cooler and keep them in a sealed container I saw from some posts here that theirs need to be warmed up to be soft but I dont have that problem.

Any body know where I can get a recipe for a cranberry mayo sauce for wraps?

My Website is Pakulas.com check my menu out we have about 10 differnet ones