Wrinkles after cooling NY style pizzeria slice/house pies

Hello all,

I am looking for some suggestions to remedy a wrinkling issue I am having.

1.25 pound dough stretched into 20 inch “by the slice” pies cooked in Bakers Pride commercial pizzeria oven.

Pies have a tendency to develop wrinkles as they cool.

I have tried cooling them on screens for better air flow underneath when they come out, but they still tend to form wrinkles as they sit.

Looking for thought on this.


Is the crust still soggy after they cool?

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The wrinkled areas tend to be soggier than the non-wrinkled areas.

I believe what is happening is that your crust is too thin to handle the amount of sauce that you are placing on the pizza. What happens is the dough absorbs the sauce and is unable to fully cook through.

Try increasing your crust thickness. Even an ounce more of dough could make the biggest difference. To give you an example. I use 24-oz dough on a 18” slice pie.

Let me know how that works out.

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Do you cut your pies as soon as they come out of the oven? If not try doing that before increasing your dough weight.

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I was thinking along the same lines…soggy crust must point to too much moisture somewhere in the equation.

Crust too thin to handle the amount of sauce, or the water content in the sauce.

Will try playing with a few things.


Easy fix! THE KEY IS TO CUT THE PIES - DO NOT LEAVE THEM UNCUT!!! We’ve always cut our 20” slice pies (20 oz dough balls) into 4 slices and let them cool ON A SCREEN. Allowing them to cool on a metal tray was trapping steam, thus causing massive wrinkles underneath. It’s all about air-flow! Hope this helps and best of luck!