Writing a book

About a year or so ago someone came on TT asking for advice, then rejected all the advice given to them. They said they would show us all and would write a book about how successful they were - I’ve looked and can’t find the post - can anyone remember who it was?

sounds familiar.

wasn’t that the guy claiming to do $20k saturdays ?

http://www.pmq.com/tt/viewtopic.php?t=5 … ight=write

And… bookmarked… Thats some good reading material right there.

wasn’t that the guy claiming to do $20k saturdays ?

No, I that guy said he did $9000 on Saturdays. But his post was removed. I think I know he was (in my part of the state) and I don’t think he is in business anymore.

That was entertaining to read. :lol:

I guess since he made so much money so fast he ran out of room for new toys so he hopped on his new Harley and moved on.

I’m shocked.

:shock: <----- me shocked.

Yeah, that guy was a legend in his own mind! That was some good entertainment though! Hey, maybe he’ll be the key note speaker at the Pizza Expo next month!