Wunderbar- Auto Saucer Anybody using? Info? Reviews?

Just like everyone its getting harder and harder to find good reliable help so I’m looking to automate more and more of my operation. Does anyone have any experience with one of the machines?

Looks too slow to me

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It looks like in the time it would take to load the machine, someone could have the pizza sauced and be moving on down the make line. The portion control accuracy would be nice, but proteins are where we really get killed.

Check this out

Its about 10 sec from what I can tell and yes its slow compared to what my best employees are capable of but Its alot faster and more consistent than the average employee and the consistency is what I’m most interested in. I’ve seen some ridiculous sauce jobs lately and I’m finding it harder and harder to find coachable / trainable staff.

I am all for purchasing equipment to reduce labor (cheesehog, rounder, etc) and came across this years ago but does not seem worthwhile to me…

Contacted this picnic company a few minutes after you posted this. No response

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