no, not that. Whole Wheat Deep Dish.

Most likely it would not be WHOLE wheat, but has anyone done it? Do you have a recipe? How did it go?

When I saw the topic subject I thought you were asking What Would Daddio Do :lol:

That is what I saw too!


Here is a thread on whole wheat dough
Have you tried making a whole wheat deep dish yet?

One of my strengths is a sense of humor and irony. … often called being a smart a$$… I’m even learning timing, fortunately!


these are the ideal pans, in my mind. Obviously these are well-used and cared for, but what are these? They aren’t coated at all, are they simply plain aluminum?

I hope to find used in this condition and type, but if new is required…season by baking with oil coating? anything else? It’s been too long since I’ve done it.

And, Rick, no I haven’t made the WWDD yet. I found a recipe which is really close to my ideal, using just AP flour, so I’ll work with that first.

This is the fun part!

I would say they are a coated pan based on the inside color. I have the plain aluminum pans and the inside is shiny metal. I have about 40 2" deep 12" nesting pans from Lloyd Pans that I no longer use if you are interested. They are well seasoned.