We’ve been using this company since the beginning of the year and wanted to give them a recommendation to other think tank members. Their prices are better than our food distributor was on parm and red pepper packets and their parm was unanimously preferred by our staff in a taste test. They’re easy to order from and usually offer free shipping on either four or five case purchases. If you’re using parm or other packets give them a try. www.pizzapacket.com

I have to agree with you. Their products are top notch. I picked up samples at Pizza Expo and was very impressed.

Spices look good, got to try these guys out. Are you guys selling them or giving them to customers as a shaker? If re selling how much a packet?

I give them out for free. We will give up to three of each per pizza upon request. If people are asking for more we have a button in our POS menu that charges 50 cents.

I tried them and was impressed with the spice packet so I bought 12 cases. For several weeks we gave a free spice pack with every pizza then I stopped and no one noticed. So i decided to save my money and not buy any more. I guess our pizza is already so good that people don’t want to mess with it. :slight_smile:

We are FED UP with Pizza Packet! Has anyone else had such issues as us… They are on the East Coast. and of course we are on the West Coast. So when we’re open they’re not typically… online they claim that they ship orders the next day after its been placed. We wait for about 1 month for our order to arrive! This is insanity at its finest…this has been a consistent problem with them. They always have an excuse, we moved, we ran out, or some such… they close early on Fridays (that’s our order day each week) And we’re not open Monday’s, they are always calling us when we don’t need to order almost like hounds, and when we DO need it, they are never there to take our calls, always get voice mail, they never call back except as I said on Monday’s or when I’m slammed with lunch rush.

Lastly, what other sources or means to you provide at least parmesean or hot peppers for your customers. Most of our business is take out, we do have 5 dine-in tables, and we could put the shakers back on the tables… but it always annoys me to have to pick up the parm every night to refrigerate, and refill…just adding to one more thing to do… other than we can put a tablespoon in a 2 oz portion lidded cup, and make up a box to keep in the fridge… but? We are always delivering pizza to the pub behind the alley from us, and I would like to have packets to hand customers who want them… (I’d say 75% ask for parm or peppers)

So what’s your experience??? What are your suggestions for other brands, sources, etc. THANK YOU!

I stopped using Pizza Packet well over a year ago when I had an issue with their red pepper packets. I had multiple cases that had a bunch of packets with only a few flakes. I also saw their service go downhill and our food distributor got their prices down to where they were competitive. Now I think it’s cheaper to buy parm and red pepper from our distributor.

I think I have sourced it through Cash & Carry or Cash & Carry URM. $10.39 for a 200ct case… I’ll just have to pick some up on our next supply run to the big city and test it out :slight_smile:

We use Roma brand (with Roma as our food distributor) and the price (which includes our 7% Upcharge from Roma) is $13.27 for 200 Parm packets and $10.05 for 500 Crushed Red Pepper. I was in long talks with them many years ago but they could not get the price down enough even with volume.

Restaurant Depot $10.41/200 paks under the Supremo Italiano store brand