I normally log directly into the TT but logged onto www.pmq.com today for the first time in a while.

Is it me or is the main PMQ home gone all ‘pizza.today’ in style?

Hope TT doesn’t go the same way as their Bulletin Board.

Shame really like the old one better.

Yeah, don’t care for the new look either. Too much going on that page.

You guys really liked the old website better?!

It looked like a cartoon.

Granted I’m a bit biased.

Yeah I’d have to agree. I like the old one better.

The new one is way too cluttered, too much going on.

I have to agree the new site is very busy. There are features of this site that I like better than the other. I guess it is like much of life we are creatures of habbit and resist change.

I do like some of the things on the new website, like the Hot Topics for the Think Tank, but it is very cluttered. Too much white and random pictures.

Actually, if I remember correctly (not taking any bets on that), PMQ had it first, then came the new Pizza Today web site. Today, indeed, there are a lot of similarities. I really didn’t like it as much as the old home page, for much the same reason, I’m also resistant to change, and I don’t like getting bumped out of my comfort zone, but now that I’m used to it, its not such a big deal, besides, with all the similarities, its now easier to navigate both web sites. But I still get an occasional e-mail asking how to get into the Think Tank from the PMQ home page, and the number one question that I get has to do with the Recipe Bank, I thought you said you had recipes/formulas for different types of pizza posted in the R.B.? Can’t find them. Answer, use “dough” as your search word instead of “pizza” or “pizza dough”.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor