XLT 3255

I have a gas xlt 3255 thats been in storage for 2years. It was manufactured in 2007, so its fairly new. I would like to sell it but I dont have an idea what these sell for. its in good shape and I just fired it up and it works great. the only issue is the conveyor is bowed up on one side. When I bought it, it was like that…works perfectly fine. Any idea?

About two years ago I sold a doublestack of XLT 3270’s on ebay for $12,500. One was manufactured in 2006 and one in 2007. The 3255 would generally not be as valuable, and the added age would take away some value. If you had to ebay it quick, my guess is you would get between $4500 and $6,000. If you have time to list it on a bunch of craigslists, you may get up to $7K, but that’s probably a stretch.

The 3255 that I purchased was just a couple of years older, had sat in a storage unit for nearly two years also. I got a very very sweet deal on it at $2500. I’d think you’d be well in the market if you ended up around $5,000.

I would recommend to pursue the Little Caesars community.

There is a franchisee in the Phoenix market that is well connected and would probably buy the BOFI’s from you.

Tim Mouzer (480) 326-9905

Good Luck!

Just a note:

As regards Little Caesars and XLT ovens.

I introduced the XLT oven to Caesars. After much testing they decided to use that oven. But it was not that simple. Several changes in the configuration of the oven were requested by Caesars and XLT builds a custom oven for them.

I have had several requests from Caesars operators for XLT ovens. I informed all of those buyers that the standard XLT oven does not meet Caesars specifications and they should check to see if it would be OK for them to buy the standard production oven. Apparently it was not OK as I have never had a call back or order from any of those who inquired.

George Mills


When an oven is certified(ETL) the oven is generic. I personally have had ETL certified 39 ovens myself. I know the inspector that certified the BOFI/XLT oven line.

You must be referring to the finger configuration.

Please enlighten me as to the owner’s of older generation BOFI/XLT ovens, as Little Caesars Corporate decides to update finger layouts ALL franchisees must change their finger layout? Franchisees are still allowed to use Middleby Marshall PS350’s, PS360’s, Blodgett MG-32, MT38**.

Ovens are easy to configure to specific franchise specs since it is normally the finger placement.

RE Caesars ovens;

The finger configeration is not a big impediment to qualifying an XLT oven for Caesars as that can be changed and yes Caesars has a specificic arrangement. Ther are several other modifications that were made prior to the ovens qualifying for Ceasers.

The sandwich window is smaller than the stock one to, as they say, reduce heat loss. The handle on the sandwich door is a different configuration and I think some other modifications have been made as they got more familiar with the oven but I do not know as I Have not handled that account once they signed on to buy the XLT oven.

As I stated apparently those Operastors I have talked to did not get permission from corporate to buy the stock oven. If there has been a change in policy I do not know.

George Mills