XLT Customer Service

Hi Everyone,
I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I just want to let you know about the great customer service I received from XLT. I just installed my new ovens and needed to make some changes to the finger arrangement to get the bake right, XLT shipped me some oven flaps. When that didn’t work they sent me more finger assemblies and had them to me Friday morning so I could have my new ovens cooking properly before the weekend. All free of charge. Last night was first night with the XLT’s on a busy night. I can now say " I’m Lovin’ My Oven" (like the xlt ad) It good to see a company that actually cared about my business and wanted to make sure I was getting exactly the bake I was looking for.

I will second what you said. I bought my oven used, and they still bent over backwards to do everything for me. I couldn’t be happier with my xlt

I was buying a used XLT from someone else, and they STILL helped me with my questions. Top notch company.