George or somebody help!

I have tried to reach out to Pete and Gary Goodson at XLT To confirm this but I can’t get a straight answer. Rumor out there that the pricing XLT has offered is actually running them out of business.

Rumor I’ve heard isn’t just that XLT is hurting, but that Middleby has been in talks with them to buy them out. I went to XLT to AVOID MM!

Thanks for any help you can give. I know George and Tom L. both work with XLT closely so perhaps you will have anwers.


Hi Patriot:

At this juncture I have no knowledge to share with you.

I ave asked, and am awaiting a reply.

George Mills

Here is the information I got

George Mills

To all,

I am not sure who is floating these rumors that XLT is for sale. I will share with you we regularly get inquires to open negotiations to sell our company and regularly, respectfully decline. The XLT brand has significantly grown market share at the expense of Lincoln and Middleby Marshal. We have a better product and business model that the market place wants. We have assembled a great team of folks who everyday enjoy and relish the opportunity to help pizza operators with new XLT ovens and AVI hoods. Rather than duel on rumors that are not true let me share with you the truth. XLT has recently invested millions of dollars in new automated fabrication equipment, assembly line improvements, and allocated many hours to significant training programs for our team members. All of this is done because we intend to continue to be privately owned yet more importantly we plan to provide the lowest cost ovens and best performing hoods in the market place for a long time to come. We have many other exciting new concepts and products to introduce to the market and have no plans to ever sell the company. We simply have too much fun doing what we are doing and relish the customers who share their dislike for our completion. Anyone looking for more information is invited to call me on my cell at 734 730-2886.

Peter Goodman

VP Sales and Marketing

XLT, Inc

George Mills