XLT Heat Loss

Is this amount of heat loss normal? It has melted off part of the label on the side of the oven. http://i369.photobucket.com/albums/oo135/Crusher9171/IMG00003-20110129-1323.jpg

I wouldn’t think that to be “normal”. My XLT is several years old and I don’t have any yellowing/browning, from heat like you’re showing. I’m sure a quick call to Wolf/XLT will answer your question.

Hi Crusher:

What model and year is your oven? How long have you Had it? They have a 5 Year warranty.

I agree a call to the factory should provide an answer

Also I cannot from your photo determine where that panel is on the Oven.

I have sold a lot of those ovens and If any of them are having that problem I have not been told.

George Mills

I got rid of my XLT partly because there was so much heat coming out of the ends of my oven. We package our tenders in foil and generally open them up on the entrance of the conveyor platform. With the XLT if you were not at the very end of the platform, your hand would feel burnt within seconds. My store was hotter and my A/C had to work harder. It’s a shame cause it cooked a great pizza.