XLT oven will not fire

I have an xlt 3255 oven, approximately 6 years old, that will not fire. We called xlt and bought a new spark box, was not the problem. Xlt sent a tech out who spent over 10 hours going through the oven, he replaced one of the other electronic boards (didn’t work), ended up getting yet another spark box (didn’t work), a new ignition wire with igniter(didn’t work), and finally a 2nd ignition wire and igniter that didn’t work. After it seemed increasingly clear the tech was just wildly guessing at what was wrong I stopped having him look at it. So I know come to you fine folks in hopes of fixing this thing. What happens is you turn the oven on, the ignition box blinks one red light and sends a small spark, after a few moments the spark box begins blinking 3 times stating it has not fired. If I pull the ignition wire off the spark box and hold it a small distance away I can see the spark box fire several arcs into the wire. If I also pull the igniter off and hold it next to a metal grounded object I can see it fire several arcs. So it seems there is spark getting up to the ignitor ( at least when I have it off) but I can not get it to fire the oven. Any thoughts? Really want to get this thing pumping again.

This may sound silly, but are you SURE you’re getting gas to the burner?
This would be a good question to run across George Mills.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom makes the same suggestion I would

Yes we are definitely getting gas.

Btw I am near Grand Rapids Michigan, if anyone can recommend a GOOD oven guy, I would love to talk to them.

On our BIG ovens we use a Maxim Valve as part of the ignition and safety system, I don’t get into the innards of ovens so I don’t know if the XLT ovens have anything like that or not, but on the big ovens if the MV fails the oven cannot be lit. To me it would seem that if there is gas going to the igniter the spark should ignite it (if the gas pressure is correct).
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

The XLT ovens use something often called an atmospheric burner. It operates different from the burners on other ovens.We quit selling XLT just about the time they switched to that so I have no experience with it.

Are you sure you’re getting spark when the igniter is installed? Also the positioning of the igniter can be critical too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Well it is difficult to tell 100% since I can not see it once its reinstalled. I can hear it sparking though so i do think it is. The position of the igniter is something I have been wondering about. Not sure how to go about checking its position.

If you can hear it popping/sparking you’re probably good in that department. As to the positioning of the igniter, think of it like lighting a propane torch with a match. The igniter, like the match needs to be in just the right position. I don’t know what kind of adjustment your oven has, but if things were working fine previously and all of a sudden it would not ignite it may not be positioning of the igniter either, but I’d see if you can adjust it to get the gas to ignite. Can you share with us the circumstances which occurred when the oven first failed to ignite? Was it running and just shut down, or did it one day just refuse to come to life? Was the oven cleaned or moved around the time the problem started? I’m just wondering if there isn’t something blocking an orifice in the burner assembly. If you disconnect the igniter and turn the oven on can you smell gas near to where the igniter is installed?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

6 years old? So should have a modulating gas valve.

What is the voltage at the gas valve when it is trying to fire?

This sounds really stupid but it worked on 3270. Same symptoms, threw a bunch of parts at it. Finally we were told to make sure the gas pipe going into the combustion chamber is straight up and down 90°. We did it and it fixed our problem.we were getting the same problem with the one light and going to blinking 3 cuz found fire. I know it sounds dumb but it worked for us.