Xlt ovens hood experience?

I know the big oven around here is Edge but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the newer xlt ovens and in particular there hood. My last 4 ovens are Edge and they are awesome but the XLT hood seems super interesting to me and I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts to share?

I have not but, I am also interested.

Not sure if this is true or not but if the hood goes down for some reason it may shut down both your ovens. We had competition come in and they had both their ovens down the 3rd day they were open. What’s the odds of both ovens going down simultaneously?

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Surely not, the ovens can be used without their hood?

Many codes now require the oven to be wired into the hood so you can’t turn on the oven without the hood. I had a curcuit board go out on a hood and it could have shut us down for 5 days. I figured out a work around that got us up and going the next day luckily.

Here is the work around. A pen cap jammed into the contactor.

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