XLT Ovens

Has any got an XLT 32" sitting on top of a MM PS 360 and if so any problems or does it fit well.

We are looking at a 32" XLT to sit on our current MM PS 360 to take the load off busy times - will use XLT as the main and the MM as the back up.

Any comments by XLT users or expert advise from George welcome as to pros and cons.


My guess is that it will void the warranty. You’ll only want to look at the XLT 3240 or the XLT 3255 as the 3270 will hang over the ends of your 360 and keep the fumes from from the 360 from going up the hood. The XLt will also be much deeper than a 360, front to back. Doesn’t a 360 have a flue stack for exhaust fumes at the back of it? If so, the XLT couldn’t overhang the back and would have to overhang the window side of the 360 by somewhere like 12-16 inches. This could create a problem with the heat from the 360 causing the electronics and motors of the XLT to get too hot.

Thanks for the heads up Paul. Will be looking at either the 3240 or the 3255. A number of operators here a getting the 3240 stacked and they apparently getting good cook results - better than their previous MM’s. I more in favour of the longerchamber but if I can get as good or hopefully better cook on the samller chamber I will go with that. The distributor hasn’t mentioned warranty void by stacking on the MM, and has actually mentioned doing this in a couple of outlets.


I have used twin 3870’s both split beltand could not be happier. We bake in 4 min @ 500 deg. Maybe sell the MM and go with twin 32’s

It does not seem it will void anything since XLT will be here in a few weeks to install one on top of my Blodgett.


Hi Dave:

The XLT units are about 20 inches deeper than the PS 360. That does not preclude putting the XLT on a 360 lower oven. The XLT would have to over hang the 360 in the front so that it would be easy to route the exhaust pipe from the rear of the 360 around and discharge above the XLT. That’s so the heat of the exhaust would not compromise the cooling of the XLT main blower.

I don’t see why the above would alter the warranty but best to consult the factory.

George Mills

Judy from XLT told me that putting the XLT on top of a Lincoln X-2 would void the warranty.

The biggest problem that I see putting the XLT on top of the 360 is that the control box of the XLT will sit directly over the cooking chamber exit of the 360. The heat and fumes that the 360 puts out of the chamber will be partially blocked from the hood, and this heat will be heating up the controls(speed controller, temp controller, gas valves ect) as they sit directly on top of the 360 exit. My understanding is that you want to keep these controls as cool as possible. If the XLT dealer down under is willing to warranty the oven sitting top of a 360, I would say go for it.