XLT Ovens

Has anyone used the XLT Ovens? Specifically with the hood attached to it? I’d be interested to hear what people think about the ovens and if they had any problems using their hood rather than a traditional hood, when I say problems, I mean with those dreaded building inspectors!

I have a 3640 XLT have had it for 6 years and NOT one issue. Works every time. Pumps out pizzas as fast as I can make em’ They didn’t have the hoods back when I bought the two that I have now, but thinking back on it I would prefer not to have that style of hood because I would not have a hot dry place to put the pies for pick up. I did have to put two heat lamps and a bottom warmer by the counter, I kept running out of room on top of the over. Not a bad problem to have BTW. XLT had a different name before the XLT name, it was BOFI, which from my understanding meant( Bunch of f#$%*g idiots)

When it comes to working with your inspectors, the best advice I can offer anyone is to, in this case, contact XLT and get all the information on the oven (s) and hood system that they have, then take it to your local codes department and run it across them, they’re holding all the aces so get their opinion first before you decide to take any action, it could save you a bundle in the long run.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Have 2 stores with the XLT oven/hood combo, one with 3270’s and one with 3255’s. No problems at all with inspectors. Zero hot air escapes on the 3255’s. The 3270’s are a different story for some reason.

Thanks for your replies everyone. I think we’re going to go with the Edge Ovens we’ve been using in our current store. I got too into the hood being a part of the oven instead of thinking, where would I put orders to stay warm until they are completed with all their items!

Hi Steve:

Several operators have stated on this forum that the Edge ovens are less costly to operate and discharge less heat into the kitchen.

Having the oven top available to keep pizzas warm is a great advantage.

Good Luck

George Mills