I have just purchased an XLT by BOFi model 3240. The standard set up is not giving me enough color or a good enough bake. The set on top is - BLANK 4 HOLES 4 HOLES BLANK. I am also getting an uneven bake with the pizza closest to the burner darker than the outer side of the belt.

Can any one give me a suggested set up or any feed back ?

Thank you

Contact the manufacturer. Did you not bake your product in the oven before you purchased in order to determine proper finger setup?

What about when they installed the oven? Surely you cooked something while the installer was on site to make any needed adjustments.

Hi beginner:

Registered guest has it correct; If you had the factory deliver and install they do a demo bake and set the unit up for your particular product.

Your uneven bake across the belt is the first time I have heard of that problem. I have placed Hundreds of XLT ovens without encountering that situation.

Phone Steve at the XLT factory 888-443-2751 He will tell you how to solve the problem and if necessary send a technician out to make any needed changes.

George Mills

Did you purchase the oven new or used? When installed by a factory rep, I’ve not had any problems with these ovens at all, but when purchased as a used oven (read that as not purchased from the manufacturer) the oven could have been set up to bake just about anything, but the one thing that it wasn’t set up to bake was YOUR pizza.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

:oops: Your feed back is on the money. I have contacted XLT as suggested. Many thanks.