Y-602 stones question


I am a rookie in this business, I have worked for my employer going on 4 years and have decided to put together my own shop. I have acquired most of the equipment and negotiated the lease, and I am all set to get some ovens. I am in a small city in the Midwest were thin is king. At the current place I work we have some older Blodegett 1000’s with 3/4 to 1" granite looking stones that are fairly smooth and not porous. They have are a gray color that gets lighter the cleaner they get. These stones are what I know and give a result that is satisfactory. I am looking , I know adjustments will have to be made, to use a dough that is similar. I am looking to purchase Baker’s Pride Y-602 double stack, new. They say they that come with 1.5" Cordierite stones. I saw used ones for sale in a nearby city noticed they seem to be more porous and closer to 80 grit sandpaper than say 120-160 that the old Blodgetts have. A friend of mine with experience in the business told me to get thick stones, these oven’s have that too. My question is can you bake straight on these stones like the granite type stones? Do the stones smooth out? And how long can I expect the seasoning process to take? I am attracted to the size, power, and price of the y-602, if it will work for me. I need thin, very thin crust that is cracker like. Will these tan Cordierite stones crisp me up?! It seems like they would be harder to maneuver pizzas around. Is this why people use screens and pans?

Thank you

Hi Huckster.

The ovens you have been working with most have the old type stones that were a mixture of cement and asbestos.

I think the old stones are considered best by most all operators.

You will probably have to use screens or discs for a long tome before you can bake on the new stones.

Someone may have some hints as to the seasoning of the new decks.

George Mills