Y602 plunge . . . did I get a good price?

I finally joined the club of pizzeria operators that have real pizza ovens :smiley: I kept quiet about it until now and have gotten what appears to be a good, clean oven with intact stones. I paid $4800 for the set . . . and shipping appears to be in the $900 range from Michigan to Georgia. So, total about $5750 with freight insurance. I’ll get some casters for it for about $150, and be ready to go when it arrives.

I am happy with the auction, reputation, and conversation with them before I bid. I just want someone to make me feel good about taking the plunge . . . and that the “tax man” won’t be knocking on my door. Should triple to almost quadruple my capacity, efficiency and heat recovery. I use Blodgett 981 single unit (double deck) right now that fires at 50,000 BTU for two decks . . . if this new oven works, it will fire 120,000 for EACH DECK . . . 240,000 BTU total power. The wish-o-stat will be much closer to target number on Friday night at 7pm :shock: 1 Bakers Pride 600 deck will bake as much product as my entire 981 oven, and quicker.

Gotta borrow $$$ to put these in right now . . . and hope that I don’t end up regretting the decision :shock: The Blodgett can retire to the back room of the shop until I’m ready to set up the back kitchen for off-shift baking of casseroles, pastries, bread, lasagnas, etc. Catering uses are also indicated for that kitchen. 5300 square feet and three pizza ovens . . . wish there were more people in town than 2500!!!

Sounds reasonable Nick. You will love these ovens and they last forever while keeping there value.

Good buy.

I am sure you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Sounds like a heck of a deal. I would wait to hook up the other one…after being spoiled with the new you might never want to look at the old :lol:


That’s a great price! When I was opening up I couldn’t find a used set of 1060’s or Y602’s at all. I think you’re lucky just to have found them, let alone at that price.

I think I do about three times the volume that you do and my 120k BTU 1060’s don’t even hiccup during the rushes. You’re going to love the capacity.

Thanks for the encouragement. Now I just have to measure to be sure they’ll fit where my current oven is :? I have space, just gotta get dimensions. I know the 602 is the most likely candidate for me, and that it will fit in principal. I just may need ot move my cut table a few inches to make it more comfortable fit.

Looking online for casters today. I am a HUGE fan of wheels on equipment for cleaning and relocation purposes.

Anyone remember what that contraption is that was recommended for installing stacked ovens? It was from Northern Equipment, I believe? Even buying one of those, and the wheels, I am pretty happy with my price after all.

Seems there’s a LOT of equipment coming on eBay and other sites right now that is in Michigan. Our Michigan cousins in Pizza must be taking a brutal hit this summer.

my dad lives up in mich. he says it is the worst he has ever seen the economy he says nothing is going on in the tourist areas lot of people hanging around but not spending the dollars he is set up at gun show today and yesterday he says you gotta pry the money out of there hands even on good deals. so i imagine we will be seeing alot of stuff coming out of there .