Yeast Died

for the past couple of days have noticed that the dough has been nugets even after 2-3 days in walk in, staff didnt inform me that that this has been happening for about a week started looking at dough and realized there was no alcohol smell and no speckling on dough asked if they had been using YEAST and they said yes then realized the Instant Yeast must have gone bad in storage and died

anyone ever have this happen got yeast from sysco


Make sure it is instant dry yeast and not active dry yeast.

Active you have to mix with water and if you dont you will get those pellet things.

IDY has a very long shelf life (up to 2-years if the package is unopened), once the package is opened, the IDY will slowly deteriorate, until after about 4 to 5-months, it will posess very little fermentative power. This would mean that the yeast would have had to come in from your supplier as a defective product (packaging not intact/seal broken). I’ve been working around IDY since it was first introduced into the U.S. market in the late 1960’s, and I’ve only seen one failure of the product in all those years. That was in Australia, and to be honest, as I was calling the manufacturer to report a problem, they were in the process of recalling the yeast from the bakery I was working in. If the seal is broken on the bag, all bets are off.
As Kris mentioned, ADY and IDY are now being packaged in the very same type of vacuum package, so they really do look a lot alike, and if you try to add ADY as you would IDY, the type of problem you mention could result.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

thanks tom the vacumme had broken on the bag so that is what i figured happened