Yeast Level - How much is enough


What would be the IDY yeast level recommended for the following recipe

dough should be usable after 16 Hour Refrigeration at 2 degree centigrade.
Also what is the advantage if any of using fresh yeast over IDY.
Also if adding oil, what level would be recommended. the flour protein level is around the 11% mark.

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I would use 0.36% (0.35%-0.40%) IDY.

I know of no disadvantages of IDY.

I would use 3% olive oil.

I’m sure others will be offering alternative percentages.

Hey Thanks Pizza_garden,
thanks very much,
i was just making a batch with 0.44% IDY, so will scale it down to 0.36%
was planning on 4.17% butter, what do you think?
bring it down to 3% or use olive oil?

Thanks a ton.

I’ve never used butter, but it sounds expensive. :smiley:

If you’re using olive oil, be sure to use regular olive oil, not EVO.

You might want to cut down the sugar some too. 1% might be enough.

Good luck.

I beg to differ with you on this. I find the extra flavor of the EVO is what I am looking for. It just goes to show how tastes vary from person to person.

You should be using IDY at approximately 0.375% of the flour weight. Also, 2C is a bit on the cold side for storing your dough. A much better temperature would be between 3 and 4C with 3.3C as your target.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor