Hi Tom,
I am looking for some Pros and Cons on yeast handling. I am using fresh yeast in my dough. I have been adding the yeast just before I start the mixer. Is it better to mix the yeast into water first and then add it in and start the mixer or is it better to do it the way I have been doing it or does it matter?

If you are using a planetary mixer, add the water firse, then add the salt and sugar(if you use sugar) into the water, no need to stir it. Add the flour, and then add the compressed yeast on top of the flour, mix for 2-minutes at low speed, and add the oil, mix one additional minute at low speed , then mix at medium speed if you can until you achieve a smooth, satiny appearing dough, about 10-minutes.
If you are using a VCM, add the water, then add the compressed yeast into the water and jog the mixer to suspend the yeast. Now, add the flour and put the salt and sugar on top of the flour, jog the mixer again, and add the oil, then mix for your normal time (typically about 70 to 90-seconds).
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor