I know this question has been covered before in some shape or form but what kind of yeast are you guys useing and is there any difference in the finished product when you use different yeasts, I started of with fresh yeast but am now trying ady and intend to test idy also

thanks in advance

I, too, have tried fresh, ady, idy and idy wins hands down…no taste difference that I can tell, but ease of use & “idiot-proof” surely make idy the yeast of choice…

I totally agree with Patriots Pizza. IDY. No difference in finished product taste/flavor, and the IDY is awfully hard to beat for overall convenience, plus you can use it in making “goodie bags” if you’re so inclined. Just remember to use the correct conversions when going from one type of yeast to another.
8-ounces of ADY is equal to 16-ounces of fresh/compressed yeast.
6-ounces of IDY is equal to 16-ounces of fresh/compressed yeast.
and if you’re replacing ADY with IDY the correct IDY level will be 1/4 (25%) less.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

thanks for the reply

when useing idy should the water temp be any hotter, also Ive only been able to get idy with vitamin c does this make any difference.
also Tom when you refer to goodie bags what do you mean are these bags with all the dry ingriedients ?