what type of yeast do you prefer?
i recently switched to I.D.Y from A.D.Y and i am noticing a difference in my crust.(flavor and oven spring is lacking)
question is…have any of you had a problem with I.D.Y.?

I switched from ady to idy about 8 years ago, never had a problem, far more consistent

When you made the switch from ADY to IDY didi you use the correct conversion? Fro every ounce of ADY that you were using you should now be using 3/4-ounce of IDY. Do not put it into water to hydrate, instead, just add it directly to the flour in the dry form and it will hydrate just fine. Ease of handling and dough performance consistency are the main attributes of IDY. The fact that it has a very long shelf life doesn’t hurt either. Once you open a bag of IDY, roll the bag back down on the yeast remaining in the bag and secure closed with a rubber band and it will keep for uo to a full week

yes i did the conversion,but i opened the bag and put it into a plastic this wrong?

In this case simpler is better. The manufacturers all recommend leaving the yeast in the original bag and just folding it down tightly against the yeast and securing it with a rubber band. They also recommend storing it in the cooler once you open the bag, but we have found that, if you can use the remainder of the bag within a couple days, you can just set it on the shelf at room temperature and it will be just fine.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor