I was given two different types of yeast and not sure if they are the same and interchangable. One is instant yeast(fermipan/Eagle) and the other is active dry yeast(Red Star). I was using instant dry yeast from Roma. Can they be used at the same quantities as I was using before?


You should be able to use the Fermipan IDY as you are now using the Roma IDY. However, if you use the Red Star ADY, you will need to use 33.3% more of the ADY, by weight.


You should rehydrate/proof the ADY as well.

Good point. Only a portion of the formula water (about 4-5 times the weight of the ADY) should be used to rehydrate the ADY, at about 105 degrees F, for about 10-15 minutes. The rest of the formula water should be cooler or else the finished dough temperature may be too high and the dough may start to ferment too fast. The temperature of the water used to rehydrate the ADY is a critical temperature, and should be measured.