Help! I am opening a take and bake pizza shoppe and cant find a food distributor who has heard of hardened leavening or compressed yeast. I have found info on these yeast on the web but not a distributor or a place to buy the yeast to use in your recipes for take and bake pizzas.
The food distributors I’ve spoken to are telling me that regular pizzaria dough will work just as well. I would like to follow your advice, but can’t get the yeast so I can test the differences.
Can you help me find the yeast you recommend?

Maryellen Katz


Never heard of hardened leavening either but I’ll be the Dough Doctor has. Hopefully he will see this thread. Papa Murphy’s uses Sodium Aluminum Phosphate as a heat activated leavener.

I have bought compressed yeast from US foodservice. They are a big company, google US Foodservice.

Hey guys, don’t look at me! I’ve never heard of “hardened yeast” either. If I were going to pick a type of yast to use it would be instant dry yeast (IDY) you should be able to find it under the Red Star/SAF label, or better yet, contact Sandi Cazalet at 413-575-5630, Sandi is the National Accounts Manager, and she will be able to help you locate a local source of IDY. As was mentioned, Sodium Aluminum Phosphate is also used quite successfully, in take and bake pizza dough formulations, but to be effective, it must be fat encapsulated. This is available from The Wright Group, under the name “WRISE” it is a balanced blend of sodium aluminum phosphate and soda pre-encapsulated and ready to use. To get a sample, or make a purchase, call 337-783-3096 and tell them that you want information on their product called Wrise. If you are looking for t&b dough formulas, I’ve got several of them posted in the RECIPE BANK. Just use the word “dough” as your search word.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Sorry to post so late but we had a problem getting compressed yeast or what i knew as “wet yeast”.

Our sysco in Atlanta finally carries it and is made by Fleishman I believe and is under yeast active fresh…

not sure if that helps…