yeastless pizza dough

Hi. I’m aware of gluten free dough, but is there such an animal as "yeastless" dough and is it something that is used right after mixing? Had a guest ask about it. Thaks for all your anticipated help!

Chemically raised dough, like baking powder or WRISE but the finished product is off a bit & resembles a biscuit finish/taste/texture…think DiGiorno frozen pizzas…

In addition to the chemically leavened approach, you can also go with a Lavash type crust, made without yeast. We seggest using a lower protein content flour to control toughness during forming. You can make it quite easily by just leaving the yeast out of your regular dough formula, and substituting H&R flour for your regular pizza flour. Mix the dough until it comes smooth and satiny in appearance, take the dough directly to the bench for scaling and balling. Allow the dough balls to rest at room temperature to relax for about an hour, then sheet out very thin. If you are planning to top the crusts before baking, don’t go too heavy on the toppings or the dough won’t bake well, I think you get better results by par-baking the dough skins and then topping and giving a finishing bake. I know some stores make these around Passover.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor