yelp sucks

I know we all get reviews that we don’t sometimes agree with and EVERYONE has there own opinion.
Here is my latest and greatest review.
“Average pizza, nothing special. The rest of the menu isn’t very exciting. The dining room is small and not pleasant to look at. I had the vegetarian sub which was okay, but there just wasn’t much to choose from.”

OK here is where I am just not getting,

  1. average pizza, nothing special…he had the Vegetarian sub not the pizza…
  2. even if he did have the pizza I am OK with his opinion here because I strive to impress the majority and not every single person.
  3. “the rest of the menu isn’t that exciting”…we have 15 different gourmet subs and 20 different oven baked subs…compared to the competition we have A LOT MORE items,
  4. “The dining room is small and not pleasant to look at” This burns my A$$, we have autographed guitars of Brett Micheal’s from poison, a rare Gibson signed by all of AC/DC, I have the last guitar Ace Frehley used signed and displayed, I have a signed Johnny cash acoustic guitar, A Dave Matthews guitar, Paul Stanley’s signed guitar, slashes top hat and sunglasses signed. a Bon Jovi guitar.Rick Allens signed a cymbal. a full on race suit from Brooks and Dunn signed by 15 different country singers, 35 different gold records, hundreds Autographed pictures with me and people anywhere from Lady GAGA to willie nelson,
    The pizzeria is not plain white like almost everyone in my competition area. Its electric Purple ( high school’s color) and the ceiling is the most unusual ceiling we used remnants from the new Lucas oil stadium… here is a little older picture, we updated a little since then as far as guitars and such but it gives you an idea … hopped.jpg
    notice there are 2 sides even…
    anyway now that I have vented; yelp has called me everyday since wanting to sell me advertisements!

I feel your pain, we have had alot of “great” reviews lately & for some unknown reason “Yelp” has filtered them, so my business on there shows nothing, no reviews at all. I have contacted Yelp, they said the reviews are filtered becuase they do not pretain to my business WTF are you kidding me 7-8 reviews all excellent and they say they do not pretain, I truely do not get it ??? I wish we could all boycott this

We have this exact same problem. In fact, the only reviews that show up are ones from the previous owners, which they will not remove. The old reviews are bland to negative (the old owners were idiots). All of the reviews since we bought the restaurant have been very good, but are filtered. Had we changed the name of the restaurant, we wouldn’t be having this problem.

So yes, yelp does suck, and I never use them.

Also, in over a year of trying to contact them, they have never once replied.

Looks great to me…

Didn’t [they] have a lawsuit in recent years about the practice of "manufacturing a bogus review then attempting to extort businesses by controlling & manipulating reviews based on whether or not you ‘advertised’ with them???

Place a reply to the review exactly the way you did above and with the picture attached for readers to form their own opinion.

The worst thing, aside from the attempted extortion, of these online review sites is that they permit the reviewer to comment on anything, from the weather, to what they ate elsewhere.

It would interesting to get the Yelp people to give a session at pizza expo. I bet it would be one of the most active topics at the show :twisted:

Richard you are in charge of contacting the other Magazine and letting them know


Oh, you’re wrong on that one. Yelp WILL remove the bad reviews…if you start paying them. … k-again/2/

This was just the first thing I found.

How about start box topping with links to sites similiar to this?.. … -yelp-scam

I did decide to try them out with advertising. I got ZERO new reviews and negative ones were never removed.

I do use the Yelp app on my phone when I am in a new town to help me find food options. I do read the reviews, but being in the business myself I also try to sift through some of the BS posts as I choose something.

Not sure how many people need to use Yelp to find my shops but “out of town” folks may use the app as I do.

You can sign up for an owner’s account, claim your location(s) and post replies to reviews. Although, if a mediocre review sends you into a rage you may want to give yourself a cooling-off period before replying…

Thank them for taking the time to review and ask them if they have any suggestions on how to improve. You look good because you are an engaged owner and if/when they don’t reply others reading their “review” will give it little weight.

I have actually went into my yelp account and under “about us” I have put on there all about how yelp works and that our reviews were filtered unfairly. That I 100% back my product & that if any customer is unhappy they can call me on my pers. phone & I will remake & in most cases refund their purchase. I have has soooo much “GREAT” response from this that I eneded gaining a whole lot of new customers, and have not had to refund or remake an customers order, also not a single call on my pers. line & its been up for almost 2 yrs now, my first post earlier really pretained to a long time ago, but never knew sooo many people were having issues until just now, I just blew it off after I put that post on my account for customers to read

Yelp almost always makes a showing and does seminars at the international restaurant show in NYC. I think its held every year in early March. I usually attend because we are fairly close to the event and I have family in the area.

I know its a little ways off but i would be more than happy to bring some of this up and anything else anyone is interested in when i go this spring and report back here afterwards.

THAT is a great idea. Where’s my yelp login…

Here is the reply I received

Because Yelp’s popularity is on a quick trajectory–like the rest of social media marketing–we program seminars and panels for Pizza Expo that look at the big picture. We’re sure that our Social Media Roundtable will discuss Yelp and its review filtering, and put Yelp in perspective against other social media. We also have seminars scheduled for 2013 on effective marketing that are bound to bring up review filtering. Thank you for commenting.

You have to sneaky about how you word it, becuase I have had to redo it a few times, somehow it was rejected a few times, so when you word it you kinda have to word it differently & kinda hide it in you BIO… After you do it a few times you will get the hang of how your words go in hiding so they dont reject it…

Here’s an interview I did with Yelp last year. Maybe it will help someone.’s-Biz-Tip-of-the-Day-Yelp/

Liz Barrett, editor-at-large

The information in the interview is good in theory but it does not address the issue of them deleting the positive reviews and letting the negative ones remain.

Liz, maybe its time for a follow up and some of us can pose the questions to them?

Hi Rockstar,

I’m more than happy to follow up with the folks at Yelp and send them a list of questions from our readers.