Yelp, Urbanspoon & review sites

After hearing review sites being discussed in a talk at NAPICS*, I signed up to take ownership of our Yelp and Urbanspoon pages. I figure that since we have tons of hotels in town, getting the proper information on there might help to snag a few orders during ballgames and other events.

Besides the two I’ve mentioned, are there any other popular food-review sites you know of that I should got to? Is anyone else making use of these webpages?

*The speaker’s idea was to direct his facebook fans to go in droves and write reviews on and vote for his pages. I’ve put links to the sites on my facebook page, but have not yet decided to request anything of my fans.

According to a friend of mine in the lodging business (we are in a resort town), “Trip Advisor” is by far the most used site.

We had one lousy review there that a competitor wrote and another that bothered me. I now regularly ask people that post on our Facebook page to go there and post as well. It has brought our rating up nicely.