For those that dislike Yelp, it may put a smile on your face to see their stock tanking. What was trading at over $80 per share in September is now trading at $38.

Sadly it only tanked because the current CEO doesn’t want to sell the company …

That was only the most recent freefall, it was already way down well before that.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch!

Was 4 stars on Yelp for a long time but in past two weeks they’ve filtered 10 reviews (all 4 or 5 stars) from our listing that have been up for months. Contacted Yelp about it and the parrot-heads gave me the same bs reasoning that’s listed on their site. Yelp used to be great, now it’s just a joke.

What exactly is that reasoning?

You didn’t pay … would be my guess

This is from their website.

“We use automated software to recommend the reviews we think will be the most helpful to the Yelp community based primarily on quality, reliability and the reviewer’s activity on Yelp. [U]Advertisers get no special treatment[/U]. The reviews below didn’t make the cut and are therefore not factored into this business’s overall star rating.”

I “reported a bug” to them since ten reviews were taken down (filtered) in such a short amount of time. Some were up in November when we opened and some were newer and a couple from 2-3 months ago. Of course they’re all 4 or 5 star reviews and they didn’t filter any of the 1 or 2 star reviews during this sudden purge. Their website says they filter reviews from reviewers who haven’t reviewed in awhile and if your Yelp account isn’t linked to a facebook or twitter account. So if you don’t write reviews often , your opinion doesn’t count! Or if you’re not on facebook, you must not be a real person therefore your review thus is a fake. Yelp is a joke anymore! I also have had a few scammers write fake bad reviews and called me saying they’d take it down if I gave them cash! One asked for $100.

Yelp = Extortion

Sadly it’s gotten to that. Being in the Bay Area (like yourself apparently?), Yelp is a big deal and people know that. Yelp reviews in this town can make or break a new business. D0 you own and/or work at a pizza shop in town?

Yelp sucks period - although I admit I use the phone app when I am traveling - not for the reviews but to find stuff easier in a narrow search - I suppose I could just do a narrow search on google but never do.

We have a solid rating on yelp. but I still think they suck!

They’ll filter 5-stars, and show the obvious bogus reviews from a competitor

Try Trip Advisor… very similar but minus the extortion. They still won’t delete bogus reviews or even respond to you when you contact them but at least they don’t chase you for premium listings and then punish when you don’t sign up.

Who has a Yelp account? Why don’t well all just write reviews of each others places and move forward? Message me and I’ll write you a review! Buying power at it’s best, let’s all work together here! LOL!

I still love this story

Doesn’t matter. Unless we pay them, no one is going to see positive reviews anyway.

So what about the idea of having your client’s let you know then they post reviews and documenting the ones that do not show up…If 10 or 15 places document a pattern of withholding reviews it may give you more fuel to pursue an action against Yelp…

We could all do that for each other on here. 10-15 of us write reviews for each other and document those. Watch them for a week or two and see what happens. Rarely do they filter bad reviews unless it violates their policies but whether they filter a good one or not is a near crap shoot. I’m down to be apart of this case study of Yelp reviews and if anyone else is too, please message me.

Not sure if they track IP numbers like Amazon does…But if they got multiple reviews from the same IP for multiple locations it might trigger their “bots”…Amazon figures out real quick if reviews have been manipulated…

Yelp is the biggest bs ever I don’t know how they get away with what they are doing somehow they need to be stopped. We used to advertise with them and when we stopped they pulled the worst picture from our yelp photo gallery and made it our main picture so that when people would look us up that is what they would see. We now pay 25/month just to be able to display our logo as our main picture. I am down for leaving reviews for you guys just let me know.