Yes! Another Cheese Question!

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=6]What are you paying for whole milk shred over the mkt price?

[SIZE=6][FONT=Arial]I just paid $2.25 Mkt was $1.476 2 weeks ago [/FONT][/SIZE]

2.12 but for part skim

We buy block not shred. Price has been between $1.78 - $1.82 for weeks. Does not matter if we buy 100% mozz whole or part skim. Price is the same either way. Shred prices is about 12-15 cents higher I think.

this week im at $1.74 for both part skim and whole milk moz.

1.66 this week and thatโ€™s about avg. varies between 1.61-1.70 since January.