Why is a forum like this so targeted ? I hope you guys have your ban weapons running.

Because phpbb is on every page. A google/yahoo search shows the site, which means it’s spidered. As such, that means any links posted will be spidered if they stay on long enough. Number of links from other sites increases your “standings” on Google, etc, so your spam site will show up closer to the top of the list. Since we don’t require you to register prior to posting, the spam bots can get right in.

Because we’re so damned charming!

And because of the r0kk-man’s door hanger obsession. It’s all the rage with the teenagers.

LOL, it’s not an obsession. Let’s just say it’s a hobby.


Maybe requiring registering to post is a good idea? I don’t use any other forums that don’t require it. Why doesn’t this one?

That wont change much - notice that for the latest round of spammers - they are all registered.

Nick I think its your Jerry Garcia looks buddy. :roll: lol