you know, when it rains it pours

Just a quick, poor me note. I got burgled this morning. What else can happen?
On the bright side…I think I may just be at rock bottom. And the great thing about that is that there is no where to go but UP from the bottom.

Ouch. That is terrible. Keep your spirits up.

Did they take much…or do damage? The damage would be rough, I would think. Gosh hope all works out.


Yeah . . .ouch! If you can gut it out through this patch, you’ll be a heck of a lot stronger than you were two weeks ago.

We’re pulling for you in rural West Georgia.

Thanx muchly you two. I am just more shaken up then anything. After going back to the video I know what happened. Long story short a man was hiding in my store in between a run to the post office. I am glad all he wanted was money.

I got burgled a couple of months ago. It was right after an awful sales week and the day after getting a certified letter stating that my labor department was fining me for $10,000. I didn’t sleep at all after getting that letter and got a call at 7:00am that my front window had been smashed in.

It was the closest I ever came to leaving the keys on the counter and forgetting the whole thing. I wanted nothing to do with the business anymore!

But we sucked it up, got the window repaired fast, cleaned up everything with the labor department (it was just a mix-up) and went on to have 4 back-to-back record weeks right after.

Things will get better!

Piper, you have no idea how closely your story comes to mine. Not a fine, but a large bill. And if you have read my past post, after dismal sales.
Ugh, it just feels like im soaring off a cliff right now. I am spending my day, trying to get the ground under my feet, and not having my head bashed in…
I am tired, frustrated and scared to death that I wont pull this off…
Scary times, but I am a fighter, I am focusing on my business today, focusing on what needs to be done from this second on…I know I will make it. I have to.

I am so very sorry to hear about your bad run of luck! I hope that things turn around for you from here on out, it really sounds like you are due for some really good times! I am having a bad run of luck myself and I know that just around the corner things have to get better because like you said “they just can’t get any worse!” Hang in there, and I wish you the best!

Sorry to hear your bad news, especially after everything you are going through at the moment.

Maybe this guy got one of your flyers and mistook it to read …" we make it, you take it".

Sorry for the bad pun but an little bit of humour sometimes helps you get through things.


I’m sorry as well. I feel for you. I was burglarized a month ago so I know the feeling. It really pissed me off! We bust our butts to make a living in a difficult business. With record high supply prices, we have enough going against us and to have some scumbags cost us even more money really isn’t fair. Keep your head up and keep positive. Things will get better!

Thank you so much Roger. It has been a rough go lately. Yesterday I was really mad, REALLY mad, today I have gone from mad, to depressed, to terrified. Now I am resolute. I have to get my act together and do it now. I have to figure out some things. I have sent you a pm, in it you will see what I am working on right now.
BTW, I love your website you are developing. I have already used some of your templates and examples. Thanx muchly! You are a very big help.

Hey canukfanlady, if it makes you feel any better… I’m officially in the s**t tomorrow! Two slow weeks and rent and payroll both being pulled from my account tomorrow :frowning: I was planning on a much bigger week but my marketing got backed up a week due to my printer.

It happens to all of us… you’re not alone.

It doesnt make me feel better at all. I am sorry Piper. I know the feeling. I truly do. This robbery has destroyed me more than you can know. I am hoping, praying, begging that my marketing will do its job. I truly feel I have been doing mine. I have more to do. But I cant look at the bad, I have to focus on the future. If I look at my situation to closely I will come even closer to disaster.
That is not an option right now. I have to lick this, I have to win.
And so do you. Is there anything you are doing for marketing that can get you customers in the store RIGHT NOW? I have been having my friendliest staff member or myself standing outside my door. Or around the neighbourhood giving out menu’s and or free medium 1 topping pizza’s. It is working wonders.
Sometimes people just want personal contact.
I had to decide what I truly wanted this business to become. Not what it is. What it is up till now is an ineffiecient machine. Clunking along the best it can.
But starting every single new second it is going to be an Italian pizzeria. It is going to be grandmas home cooking. We do the prep, the tedious stuff. You get the great smells wafting from your oven. You get to be the hero. We are just here to make peoples lives easier. We care about them like grandma cared for me. Plain and simple.
You need to decide who your company is going to be. picture it, and DO IT.
I dont have the answer, I just hope I do. I hope that what I have envisioned is what people truly want. Someone to care about them. Some one to help them.
Find out who your company is. And do it.
I hope this helps.

You are a strong woman. We are rooting for you here in Chi-Town. Keep that positive attitude and only good things can happen. We have all felt like what the heck are we doing in this biz every once in a while. Then when things are good you feel like the luckiest person around.

Keep smiling,

Pizza Tony

Thanx Tony, to be completly honest, I dont feel so strong. Everytime I read the posts in response here I start to tear up. I feel like a complete failure. But I’m gonna fake it till I make it. That is all I can do.
You have no idea how much it means to me for everyone to take time to say positive things. I have no one to talk to. I feel like a real loser dumping my problems on strangers. But in another sense I know you guys are the only ones who will understand. And so I thank and applaude you all for being such a great support to me and everyone here!!
You guys rock!

Have you ever thought about looking into school fund raisers? I know every year a few of the local schools do a fund raiser every year selling uncooked pizzas. Since you do take n bake, it’s perfect for you! The schools always sell a lot of pizzas when they do these sales.

Just wanted to add my voice to your support. We are thinking about you way down in Texas.

And no matter how the business does, remember that the business is not you. Many financially successful people are jerks and many financially unsuccessful folks are saints.

Isn’t it something here is piper trying to encourage you and whola you are giving her the pep talk. That is what is so great about this place.

And you are correct, we do get it and we have all been there.

I think the school fundraiser is a great idea and it gets everyone trying your pizza. You can do churches and etc. What we have done is intead of actually doing the pizza, we do a gift certificate.

Hang in there.

And one more thing…“When it rains it pours” well we all know after a good rain the flowers bloom, it just takes a bit of time.


I have wanted to let you know how bad I feel for you with the freaking theif, and how I can tell from your writting you are an extremely strong person…I have thought about a PM…or just a response of support, but, then I would, write and write and write. This being said…Kris has the perfect response and if you can, (as Kris put it) …
"Hang in there.
And one more thing…“When it rains it pours” well we all know after a good rain the flowers bloom, it just takes a bit of time. "

You have what it takes to survive.