Young Management in Restaurant

Hello All,
I was wondering if you had any pointers for me. I am a recent college graduate and am the GM of our pizza shop. Our restaurant is on a college campus so we are dealing with a lot of college-aged people.

Personally, I have been with the company since we have first opened over two years ago. A lot of the people I now manage, I worked with while I was a student in college. I am seeking some help on how to manage young adults. I want to motivate these employees while building morale. I don’t want to rule with an iron first, because I have learned that employees tend to resent you and don’t like working for you.

If anyone has any general information and tips to help a young pizza guy out, that would be fantastic!

Have a great New Year!

Congrats on being selected as the GM. The owner must value you very much and definitely thinks highly of your ability to do the job.

Think about why you are and have chosen to continue working there. What impacted your decision? Those answers also apply to those working there now.

Styles of leadership reflect the situation and experience (knowledge) level of everyone involved. IE, you’re more directive during initial training and less directive for an experienced crew.

Best book ever for managing and motivating a young staff is Send Flowers To The Living by TJ Shier.

I re-read it at least twice a year.

Be Consistant…

If you give breaks they will expect to get that the next time…

If your buddy buddy with X Employee then Z employee will not like that.

And be the BEST. When its time to throw down and work make sure they know you are the best. Confidence with the employees and customers goes a long way.

Dont be scared to fire someone to make an example…

Then just have fun… You dont have to be an AHOLE to be a good manager… Care about your employees… If they are sick… Call them while they are out to see how they are… If a family problem, ask how that member is doing… It goes a long way when they know you really care.