Your Core Pizza's

I was reading some threads and there some wild pizza’s out there. Do most of you stick to basic core pizza’s. I know this seems to have even changed from what it may have been only a few years ago, as “white” pizza’s and the chicken BBQ pies seem to be fairly common. Does everyone have their “signiture” pizza as well.

lol…I guess I was not clear in what I was asking but I will try again…Do most of you find that your straight forward…“traditional” pizza’s account for the majority of your sales…I would not be surprised if cheese or pepperoni could make up 50% or close to that number for many stores…Do you feel you need to have these wild combos…or is it just sometimes fun for the owners to try and be creative with…I know a friend of mine is doing very well with Vegan pizza’s…people are driving some longer miles to come to them since they seem to be fewer and far between…

As far as I’m concerned there is the market for the traditional pizzas but people are more explorative with their tastes and many are looking for more than the average pizza they can get everywhere.

We have a range of tradional Australian style pizzas and a range of more exotic tasting gourmets. The gourmets include toppings such as steak, lamb with various spice flavourings, sheeps milk cheese, pepperdews, feta, grilled eggplant, asparagus etc. We are doing very well with our “International” gourmet range where they are based on traditional recipes from countries like Greece, Morrocco, Nth Africa, Sth Africa, Europe and of course USA and Australia. We just work with them and adapt them from their original state to suit pizzas. Some work and others don’t but the range we have work extremely well.

Yes it is fun to work with these and develop a workable format and there is also the ego factor there as well. It feels good to develop / adapt something that works and is popular to the customer, especially if no-one else is doing it.

Look at your market, demographics etc and see if there is an avenue to go down this path. Not only does it release the boredom of making the same old ones over and over but it also helps the bottom line as these pizas demand a premum and if done well customers pay more for them. Bigger dollar per sale and bigger profit.


In general I have noticed most of my customers will buy a gourmet pizza for the parents and a basic 2 or 3 topping pizza for the children.