your deepest, darkest dough questions...

Can be answered RIGHT NOW.

Tom Lehmann, one of the most respected dough engineers of the pizza world is joining PMQ for a live chat at 3pm EST/2pm CST.

Unlike the previous live chats, this one will take place at NOT in the Think Tank. You won’t need to sign up or sign in just TUNE IN.

You may ask your questions in the chat box before or during the talk.

See you there -

Missy, trying to post a question, but getting an error message, DEMO version, limited to 10 msgs per hour. I have not posted any messages yet!?!

Yes hello! We have heard from some users they are having trouble too. You may post here and I will pass your question along.

Questions can also be emailed to

Hey Missy\Melanie\PMQ -

Do you have a link to the video from today’s talk? I was under the impression it would be available after the fact.

I caught about 90% of it and then those darn customers got in the way. I would love for some of my employees to hear the discussion.

Great “guest” btw! Thanks to you and Mr. Lehmann - it was an hour well spent. is where it should be, maybe they did not get it uploaded yet?

Thanks Durbancic! I did not know about that link\page. It doesn’t look like it is uploaded yet, but will keep an eye for it.

That’s all true! It will be available soon at

BTW if you have other dough questions in the future and want Tom’s advice specifically, just created a new thread and tag him using the @ symbol + Tom Lehmann in your question. His username will become clickable and that means he’s been sent an email alert that he’s mentioned in a thread. He’s usually very quick (and keen!) to respond.