Your input for an article on Pizza Boxes

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I am a writer here at PMQ, and I’m working on an article for PMQ’s April issue on the topic of pizza boxes. One subject I’m looking into is advertising on pizza boxes, either with box-toppers or when the pizza box itself has an ad printed on it.

I was wanting to get some input from different pizzerias who are using or had used boxes with ads. If your pizzeria is using or has used ad-bearing pizza boxes, and you’d be willing to give a few comments, then I’d love to get in touch with you. You can reply to this post with your contact info, or you can email me at

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Natalie Dickson

If your not box topping than your not really trying. Seriously, you have a captive audience. who you KNOW orders pizza, you should use this every time box goes out, as far as printed boxes, I believe its like a car topper. It all helps in building brand awareness.

I was using generic boxes but switched to custom boxes 1 1/2 ago. They have our logo on them and the customers really like the design. It also helps out alot when they get pizzas for a function in town or for a church/youth group that the name of the shop(in colors of shop menu print), phone number , some additional items we sell and the website are on the box! Best advertising you can do.
As far as box topping goes I don’t do that at all. I have a good base of customers and I don’t do any discounts any more! I got so tired of the “vultures” that buzz around for a discount then go to another shop then back to me – I just quit all coupon type ads.

This kind of goes with the issue Nick had, not really having a partnership with the company.
there are several I would like or wouldnt mind, just think, I spend about 300 a week in boxes or 15000 dollars in boxes
WOW, I work with liberty tax from febuary to march, and I can see the savings (they have there own custom printed boxes) actually vegas will feel the savings LOL…
anyway I am going to LOOK at this just keeping my eyes open what are your first thoughts?

There is a company called pizzaadz that gives you free pizza boxes that have adversments on them, had posted if anyone has or is using them, I would be interested to know how its working out.

The link in Rockstar’s post takes you to Pizza Adz

EVERY box that leaves our store does so with a topper. Always. When I look at the rate of coupon return, these offers are the least expensive per order generated of any that we do.

We have a standard topper that we will run all year with offers that we are happy to honor all the time. The printing is four color. Cost is about 2.5 cents each.

We also use box toppers for Help Wanted ads. Works better than the newspaper and it is a lot less expensive.

Make sure you have your Internet domain name on your boxes and make sure you own it before you get anything printed…