Your opinion on this website I did

I hope to do a bunch of restaurant websites this year and I hoping you pros will have an opinion on my first pizza-related site:
Goombas Pizzaria

Also, I was speaking with Nick the owner today about him offering online ordering. Does anyone here do this?

John @

"Also, I was speaking with Nick the owner today about him offering online ordering. Does anyone here do this? "

good web site, navigates good, menu is simple, did not have to study it,
and you have a large menu…, that’s good, attact more people
cold beer next door, do not not see it at first, and for me, a real grabber,
that is a great concept to work, and you do not have to have a beer liscense.
online ordering: I’d love to have it, would not be cost effective for me, and I think most of the other independents,
it’s expense, creation and maintenence, it would have to increase volume to justify it, …and it’s coming, will be like the phone has been in a the future, I think

thanks and good luck,

Yes, the site is nicely done. Thematic in colors and fonts and easily navigated, etc.

We are ALL interested in online ordering, to one extent or another. But it can be more complex than you’d expect -
a) We all have little differences in how we price, so any price calculation needs some flexibility built in. And it can get very tricky. For instance, many orders are half this & half that. Some charge for the more expensive side. Some charge a little fee for ordering halves. Some charge half a topping price for a topping on a half. And there are a couple other variants.
b) I, for one, would only do it if an order were directly ported to my Point of Sale system. And the POS vendor is already working with some online ordering systems. There are an infinite number of these POS vendors - even just within the pizza industry you’d bump into a different one with each account, with different fields and communication schemes.

Thanks a lot for the opinions. YES, I realize that the POS people have their claws in the online ordering money pile, and I’d like to avoid too much cost for my customers.

As far as tricky items, everything should have a formula. For instance for half orders you could charge 65%, 70%? The math doesn’t scare me. Maybe I’m missing some intricate detail, but we’re up for any math challenge. I’m determined to do one of these website2POS deals this year. Got a ballpark figure on what they charge, before the data entry of course.

I am definatly interested in getting a website done as well as the online ordering. I’ll shoot an email over in the morning.

like the siite very much, but I will tell you nothing bothers me more than when someone misspells PIZZERIA

Most excellent - what POS manufacturer do you use, or are you thinking of switching to? I have a 10am meeting tomorrow, but Tom can help you if I am out. Thanks!
-John R., Sitecats 2I5-723-7O5O

Ah now - hold on - pizzaria is an accepted spelling!

(and the other domain name was taken)


very good and simple get a bigger picture of your pizza good luck

I design sites that people can edit themselves, so they can find a pic of pizza, etc., that matches their menu. I could put in 50 pictures and still be wrong.

Anyone have a free source for royalty-free pizza pics?

I’ve had a few requests for pricing of my site design, but that’s not the real reason I came here. Thanks for all the critique on the Goomba’s site, and please IM me off the forum for web requests.

I didn’t get the extra toppings section.

with exception of Broccoli Rabe*, Sopprasotta*, Prosciutto*, Anchovy* & Lump Crab*
Pepperoni, Sausage, Sopprasotta*, Genoa salami, Prosciutto, Cappicola,
Ham, Steak, Chicken, Meatball, Broccoli Rabe*, Mushroom, Artichoke Hearts*,
Olives, Spinach, Hot or Sweet Peppers, Onion, Anchovy*, Lump Crab*

My question is are only the ones with the asteriks the exception? The way that it reads, everthing listed is an exception. I would maybe list everything that is $1.85 first and then have a section for specialty toppings that are priced higher. And I would list the price. Maybe I’m just reading it wrong…but that doesn’t make too much sense. Otherwise, great web site. Good design, impressive menu. I would also use a bigger picture of the pizza on the home page.

I like the clean look. The header up top holding the main graphic is also a nice feature. The fly downs in the menu bar are a smooth way for customers to see the choices beneath the heading.

I saw the toppings asterisk thing as well, and cannot figure out what the * means. No key.

One question/clarification I have is about the page that appears when I click “FOOD MENU” and go to URL . It has a lot of food items listed singly, and they all appear to have a plain text as well as a hyperlinked text. If I end up there and start clicking, I gotta click a whole lot to see something, and I even got lost one time hunting for something. Can you help me see the function of the page and how it is intended to work?

As a customer it would frustrate me and send me elsewhere if I were not familiar with the food. I actually thought that was all there was the first time I looked at the site . . . I’m not always the sharpest bubble popper on top of the oven.

Yeah that food menu page that Nick posted is weird… Everything is repeated. Also if you are pulling the data from a db you need to urldecode (php) the values before displaying… this is probably why you are getting the “&” in the 1/2 LB Steaks & Char-Grilled Burgers link.

Also the links seem to do nothing at first. I was expecting a different page or more of a tree format to expand, not for 1 or 2 items to show up on the top of the page that are themselves additional links.

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     Hello Redbarn,This isn't mispelled by accident it is spelled this way for a reason but t/y for finding the negative.


Their’s a place here that spells it that way also.

hey sitecats, nice looking site… I design websites myself… I designed this for my brother in law’s place… I do it more as a hobby but if somebody needs something done I do it… anyways, the whole online ordering can be tricky because if you try to do it with a web form, how about if the pizza shop doesn’t receive the order and the customer goes to pick it up thinking is ready?.. a lot can go wrong, friday night, busiest night for everybody you are going to have to hire a person to deal with online ordering to try to keep up… etc… in general the whole online ordering sounds pretty neat but to order from a pizzeria I am not a big fan of it…

What I’m saying is you’re going to have to do NEW math for every pizza place you do - that’s all. My math isn’t complicated, but it is unique…