Your oppinions on this ad

We just added rotisserie chickens to our menu(picked up the machine at an auction). I want to promote them with box toppers that say on the front " WE’D LIKE TO FLIP YOU A BIRD" the back is a $1 off on a rotisserie chicken. It is a nice 4 color process piece, with a nice pic of a chicken. I think its funny (since I thought of it) but the question is, do you it might offend some people? Your opinions please.

Thanks in advance,

Do you need to discount it?..

I used to do rotisserie chicken and a couple things come to mind…The grocery store is hard to get in and out of in a hurry at dinner time…And the grocery store does not take phone orders to save chickens for customers…So often when you stop in you are out of luck…

I think if you focus on convenience versus price, you can still do okay without discounting…Good luck…

First off, I think the addtion of the chicken is a great idea and one I might follow you on someday! I think your success with the “humor” of your ad will be dependant on your market area. Just guessing, but if I’m a college aged person, or maybe even a young family, I might “get it” and be enticed by it. If I’m not…well then, it seems to be to be running the risk of being offensive.

I also agree with Royce and would suggest not discounting out of the gate. I’d certainly try just doing an introduction type of push at first anyway and think you’ll create enough buzz off that you may find the need to discount it isn’t an issue.

btw…would I be “offended”…nah! but I’m still dumb enough to think I’m still “cool” at 50! :wink:

I really like it! I do agree with the others. We found that just introducing a new product was enough to get the attention you need to get it moving. I would not discount. Good luck!

<<<< but I’m still dumb enough to think I’m still “cool” at 50! >>>>>
Hey, I belong to that club! 8)

It really depends on your market, but a rotisserie chicken seems to be geared toward a family meal, and flipping the bird, although mildly entertaining, does not give me the kind warm feelings of providing a meal for my family.

Also, a copy of the add thrown up here would help a ton. Done properly, it could be effective. Done poorly it could be a complete waste of time and resources.

Agree here. Your young immature male adults are probably not your target audience. I’m not the type that gets offended but I don’t think your ad comes across very well either.

I’m a way cool chick; I even ride a motorcycle and would ride it right past a chicken ad like that. JMO and hope it helps : )


Royster , That was exactly my thinking the whole convenience thing. I also agree that the discount wasnt necessary but I did over price it a bit so the short term discount wont hurt ( just wanted to give it a quick push). Also we are in a very liberal, artsy, very diverse area of the inner city in Chicago.

long long time when I was just starting out. I worked for a man who sold whole chickens to my surprise it did VERY well. I think it REALLY depends on your demographics and marketing but I would not discount it and I surely wouldnt chance the bird comment…kind of right up there with fatboy

I knew I would get honest answers. I still may do it just because of where Im located and my demographics(near a few major universities). To quote the great Bill Marvin “There is no word of mouth without something to talk about”

I value your opinions.


Though I found it funny, I also agree that if you’re targeting the family market, it may not “fly” (pardon the pun) too well.

I can just hear it now…Mom flipped me the bird last night for dinner!

I like the ad and would not be offended at all even in our small market which is family oriented most people would get a laugh out of it and I think it would make them take a second look! Get them talking thats what its all about