YouTube's infamous Domino's closes doors

The Domino’s Pizza store that attracted national fame after fake videos were posted on YouTube has closed its doors, according to a story in the Charlotte Observer.

What I want to know is… Whats a fake video?.. Was it a fake camera using fake people and fake food and a fake dominos set?


I like how they are calling it a fake video. Makes me wonder if it is some kind of marketing ploy by Dom to call it a “fake” video.

fake or not; its a terrible shame that someone has had to shut up business because of it. It could happen to anyone of us if one or two of our employee’s decided to be stupid although possibly not the same national impact without the domino’s name.

I’d hate to be the franchisee to have lost that much.

Well… OBVIOUSLY there wasn’t a manager or an owner on duty…

Why would you say that? Many times the managers in these big chain stores are just kids. Kids make bad decisions sometimes. Shoot, “grown-ups” do too! Happens . . . Sometimes you just have a shift leader present.

these KIDS were 31 and 32 years old!!!

Where i work the store is managed by a 25 year old, this sort of thing would certainly not be tolerated.

I’d also hope that most people here, if not all, have much better relationships with their employees that would not cause them to act out in that manner.

When the story first aired the “manager” was reported as in the office reading a magazine.

that is sad for dominos, but maybe a good indy can take it’s place! I hate dominos food… yuck.