Zesto conveyors kick butt!

So my new pizza place has a doulbe stack conveyor pizza oven they are a Zesto model 6032 from 2008

normally our pizzas cook at 8 min 30 seconds at 495, with the zesto we are running 6 min 30 seconds at 495. And in one of my stores we run MM360’Q ovens and they are set at 9min at 500

The zestos cook really really well, and the finger adjustment is super simple. I am very happy with them. We are a thick pan style pizza and longer bakes have always been needed for our pizza.

I had never heard of Zesto before i bought this place, but now i want to get some for my other stores. Also they are quite, i first posted about them being loud, They are loud at first until the burner kicks on then they quite down i think the blowers slow down after the flame comes on

All in all they seem to be great ovens and they cook really fast