?_Zimmerman: Importers

Dear Ed,
I am thinking of starting a good ol’ fashioned New York style pizzeria here in Taiwan were I am an English Teacher. I am having trouble getting some equipment and most of my meats and supplies for the pizzas and subs.

Can you guide me towards information about importers (such as how do I find them, how do they make their money{cutting into my profits}, and can anything be imported from the US or Canada to Taiwan?)

I have sent out over 50 emails to food providers in the states but have only received one response from Hormel(which gives me hope). Would love to get Bellissimo products on my menu.

Any help you could send my way would be truly appreciated.
Thank You,

Weihua Xaio Watson is PMQ’s online Chinese Editin editor and has some experience with teh Asian market. Maybe she can offer some advice. Try contacting her at weihua@pmq.com. Before anything, I would get some experience by working in a pizzeria before I dropped all of my saving into a pizza shop and tok the plunge.

Good Luck