?_Zimmerman: Pizzaria Business

Hello Ed,

My name is Justin Cobb and I am interested in opening a pizzaria/subshop in my home town. I am fairly new to the business, but I can clearly see a niche where I am for good pizzas. Not to say that Papa Johns and Pizza hut arent decent pizzas, but I have been to a few privately owned pizzarias and their pizzas seem to always be better. I am interested to know what it takes to open a new store. Such as capital, equipment, advertising, staffing, etc… Do you reccomend making dough or premade dough. I am not a chef nor a baker, but would like to have an authentic style pizza. I am interested in serving to primarily a lunch crowd at first so things need to operate fast. Anything you have to offer would be extremely helpful and appreciated. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.