?_Zimmerman: Wonderpizza machines

I’m thinking seriously to venture into the vending machine business.
I came across the manufacturer of Wonderpizza machine in Italy and I think they have great potential. I’m cautious because in the past I think 2005 the ex president of Domino’s (Don Vlcek) had secured the rights for the USA market and nothing ever came about. What happened? he looked like the top guy to do the business.
I have talked over the phone with the people in Italy and I have not mentioned this to them in the same words I’m asking you. I did ask them that what happened to the phone that appears on the web site that is out of operation. They have told me that initially they had made a deal with a company that was going to oversee all USA operations but they finally came to the conclusion that USA is to big for one company so they have decided to move forward by starting independent contracts of 25 machines and if it works out for you, then you can go ahead and try to make a Territory deal. What is your advice on this? and if I decide to move forward with starting this business do you do Consulting for start up companies and if so what are your fees? I intend to acquire territorial rights for all of Texas and add different type of machines as I become successful with the Wonderpizza machines.
Thank you
Roberto Weitz