what is the best way to take a pizza shop that was ran into the ground successful again

The BLACKBOOK??? or j_r0kk??

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That is a great question. I am in the same spot. My wife and I started 11/1/06, which was when we really started to learn how damaged the reputation of the shop was. We are in a town of 80k population, with at least 17 other pizza places. I feel there is enough business to go around but I need to convince the people who otherwise wouldn’t come back, that we are making the product properly now. We have ads and a banner saying under new ownership, now we are taking those down because it seems to be attracting every scammer in town (maybe the subject of a different thread) who wants to get something free :x

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we already took the store from 3,000 a weekl to almost 5,500. now it seems we hit a wall. we advertised with menues,buisness cards, and a new sighn. what else is there to do.

[The BLACKBOOK??? or j_r0kk??]


It’s simple. Close your doors and put up another sign, paint inside and change some things. Make a new menu then open up in a week and pound the pavement.

Don’t buy the black book unless you are green to the industry. This forum will give you more info than that book.

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How long did it take to increase those sales numbers?

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5 months

that’s freakin funny lol…

why is that so funny

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Hells bells, you increased sales to a weekly 83% more than when you took over in 6 months and you are in the worst times(JAN -Feb) for pizza sales - you should be proud of those numbers.

Keep doing what you are doing and watch your next increase blow you away. If you added another 83% in the next 6 months, you will be over 10k a week- do half of that and you will be around the 7-8k a week mark—very good numbers. A lot of owners on here can only dream of those numbers.