I am having difficulties trying to come up with a quick easy and good ziti recipe for 8 - 12 people… if any body could give me a hand with how I should go about doing this I would really apreciate it. Thanks.

4 lbs zitit cooked al denta . . .really . . . don’t cook it all the way through.

Strain and mix well with about 2 cup red sauce. Should just color the pasta. Now, stir in 1 lb ricotta, 2 cups mozzerella, 2 c. sliced olives, 1 lb italian sausage chunks/slices and 2 cup red sauce. These measures are estimates, and you should use a wise hand with them.

Pour into appropriate baking dish. Top with white sauce, if you have one, or red. Parmesan or mozz. Bake in 350F oven until heated through and top is spotty browned.

WOW. That is a fast response. Thanks.

However I found that 1lb of uncooked penne was enough for a half pan… That would probably come out to about 4lbs of cooked I would assume.

when you say red sauce do you have one specifically in mind. Thanks.

I use my pizza sauce. Whatever your favorite pizza or pasta sauce will work.