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    Hi everyone - thanks so much for reading and I can’t ever thank you all enough for the combined amounts of knowledge you’ve all already lent me.

    I would love to get a sense of everyone’s opinion on a particular concept please. I’ll try to paint some assumptions for you to make things quickest and easiest.

    Thank you again! Your time is greatly appreciated.


    Affluent Midwest suburb of about 60k

    Pizza saturation around 1 per 4K

    All chain presence. Even the ‘local’ guys are up to 30-40 units.

    I’m from NYC brought here by big business. Childhood through teen years spent working in pizzerias.

    According to each of your own individual preferences; I make the best NY pizza out there. You absolutely love it.

    Free Delivery/Carryout/Slices location with 28 seats in a strip mall close to lots of shopping.

    Closest pizzeria would be a chain fast casual (cooked in 90seconds Neo style) about .3 miles away and 2miles for restaurant style.

    The restaurant is one of the local/chains I mentioned and is the only of those 2 that delivers.

    The others within all the city limits that do deliver include all your regular big boys. Papa John, Pizza Hut, Domino, etc.

    From all my stakeouts, ordering, and eating out at competitors - their individual unit sales are 600k-1.1million

    The locals have heard about the place, seen it on media, heard my ‘from NY’ story, and see it all the time as they’re shopping for groceries and everything else nearby.

    My questions to all of you my friends:

    Will anyone care about great NY style being available for eat-in, pick up, free delivery?

    Will they leave their thick, greasy, sweet, cheesy, square cut messes and order from me?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
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    Pizza is comfort food. As such a customer will order what they are comfortable with. In my area roman style pan pizza is what sells best. NY pizza would not be as popular.